How To Install Troy Bilt Mulch Kit

How To Install Troy Bilt Mulch Kit

Like most people, you probably think that repairing your Troy Bilt mower is something only professionals can do. But the truth is, installing a Troy-Bilt mulch kit is a straightforward process that anyone can do with a little bit of patience and practice. 

And even though the installation process of a Troy Bilt mulch kit may be a little tricky to first-timers, you’ll have it done in no time.

This article will show you how to install your mulch kit in a few easy steps. So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced do-it-yourselfer, we’ve got you covered.

But before then, let’s revisit what a Troy Bilt mulch kit is, why it’s important and how it works!

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What Is A Mulch Kit On A Lawn Mower?

A mulch kit on a lawn mower is a component of your mowing machine that disperses grass clippings back to the lawn. The dispersion is after your blade trims the grass and slices it further to clippings. The mulching kit recycles the lawn grass and eliminates the need for raking.

But, how do the blades and the mulch kit on a lawn mower work to achieve this? Unlike other mowers, the mulching mower doesn’t have a disposing box for the cut grass. Instead, they have additional blades that cut the grass multiple times until it is tiny. 

The machine creates a stream of air that pushes the grass up to the blades. Once cut, the grass hits the edge several times and is slashed into clippings before the air pushes them further to exit the mower into the lawn. 

A mulching kit uses mulching blades that are slightly different from the standard blades. But how different are mulching blades from the standard blades?

Well, the difference between a standard and mulching blade is quite conspicuous. Standard blades, also known as 2 in 1 blades, are aerodynamic to chop the grass, slice it, and lift them to the collection bag. Most people use the standard blades because they leave the lawn cleaner.

On the other hand, mulching blades, also known as 3 in 1 blades, are curvy to increase the cutting edge’s surface area. As a result, they cut the grass, and before it leaves the deck through the mulch kit, they slice it further. 

The mulching blades will be your favorite if you mow your grass often and need an environmentally friendly way to sustain your lawn. The dispersion of the clippings back to the grass brings about a natural fertilizer when they decompose. 

I highly recommend the mulching blades compared to the standard as they’re more efficient. What’s more, they return valuable nutrients from the cut grass back to the soil. 

How To Install Troy Bilt Mulch Kit

You can install the Troy Bilt mulch kit by following the steps below:

Detach The Cutting Deck

Removing the cutting deck varies, and therefore, consult your Troy Bilt manual. However, the general process is first finding the safety pins and pulling them out. Usually, the pins are on both sides of the mower, and therefore you should have around four attachment points.

Once you detach the attachment pins, you should raise the mower higher from the ground. The increased height enables you to slide the mower deck and remove it. Place all the pins you’ve removed safely, as you will need them later.

Flip The Deck

Before you flip the deck, ensure it’s on a smooth surface, preferably cardboard. Also, I recommend wearing gloves as the blades under them can be sharp. 

Finally, gently flip the deck on the cardboard to ensure that you can comfortably view the underside of the deck. 

Detach The Old Blades

While still wearing the gloves, use a piece of wood to lock the blade firmly. When you secure the old blades, so they’re no longer moving, slowly remove the nuts and detach the blades from the deck.

Attach The New Blades

Before attaching the new blades, ensure you check the labeling. The side marked bottom should face down in the normal mower operating position. Next, align the blade with the bolt hole, and insert and tighten the bolts. 

As the bolt tightens, the blade may rotate, and you need to lock it in place.

Flip The Deck Back

After tightening the deck, flip the deck back carefully and gently to its rightful position.

Attach The  Mulch Plug

The mulch plug disperses grass clippings when mowing. To install the mulch plug, lift the back of the mower, and in the opening, fit the mulching plug. Normally, the mowing machine is pre designed with a space behind the deck that fits a mulch plug. But if it’s not, use a screen or bolt to secure it.

Reattach The Deck

Again, consult your user manual for a detailed process of reattaching the deck back. But ensure you reattach the safety clips back by reversing step 1.

Do I Need To Use A Mulch Plug?

Yes, you need a mulching plug if you wish to mulch your lawn with the grass clippings when mowing.

You use a mulching plug when mowing, it closes the discharge opening. As a result, the plug deflects the grass back to the mulching blade, where it’s cut several times before eventual dispersion back to the lawn. The mulching process is impossible without the plug.

However, if you don’t aim to mulch your lawn with the cut grass, you should replace the mulch plug with a grass catcher. You attach a grass catcher at the back of the mower to enable grass collection.


Though it’s an optional attachment to your mower, a mulch kit is a must-have for anyone who takes their lawn seriously and would love to revamp its look and sustainability. 

The mulch kit helps create a finished appearance around your lawn while providing nutrients to the soil. And even though most view the installation process as tiresome, it’s simple. As highlighted in the above guide, it can be completed in just a few minutes using several essential tools.

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