How To Get Rubber Mulch Stains Out of Clothes

How To Get Rubber Mulch Stains Out Of Clothes

Rubber mulching is an inexpensive way to landscape your lawn. It’s great for areas that receive heavy rainfall because of its good drainage. Rubber mulch is inorganic, which is great because it doesn’t attract unwanted pests and weeds. So, you won’t have to worry about kids getting exposed to anything while playing on the lawn. 

Sadly, rubber mulch stains clothes!  But how to get rubber mulch stains out of clothes? 

To get rubber mulch stains off clothes, you can send clothes to the dry cleaners or wash them with essential oils. You can also use warm water and detergent to hand wash clothes. Color stain from rubber mulch does come off. Sadly, if not cleaned right, rubber mulch stains last up to 10 years. 

Below, I’ll share the most tested and proven ways to remove rubber mulch stains, FAST!

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How To Get Rubber Mulch Stains Out of Clothes

You can get rubber mulch out of your clothes through different cleaning processes. A few that work effectively include, 

Professional Dry-cleaning

If you lack time to find safe, home-based cleaning methods for your rubber mulch-stained clothes, the best option is to take the clothes to a laundromat. Dry-cleaning services have different cleaning detergents to deal with different stains. However, when dropping off your stained clothes, inform them that they’ll be dealing with a rubber stain. Why? 

Rubber mulch can be confused easily with other stains like oil and tire stains. So, be specific on the cause to protect your fabric. 

Use Essential Oils

Essential oils like eucalyptus and tea tree have chemicals that break down stain particles in fabric to make it easier to wash. 

However, if the stain is on a silk fabric cloth, pouring essential oil on it may cause damage.  A professional cleaning service provider could come in handy in such a circumstance.

Be careful when using the cleaning oils because a lack of thorough cleaning and rinsing leaves oil spots on your garment. So, thoroughly wash and rinse using the recommended detergent and water. 

Here’s how to use the oils;

Step 1: Mix the essential oil of your choice with cold water in a bucket. Pour some solutions into a spritz bottle, and spray onto a soft rag.  

Layout the stained clothes and dab the wet rag onto the stained spots.  

Step 2: Use the rag to dab the stained rubber cloth. Be sure to dab directly on the stained spots for best results. 

Step 3: Use the remaining solution to dampen the stained cloth. Continue dabbing until the stain starts to transfer to your rag. 

Step 4: Depending on your time, you can choose to send the clothes for dry cleaning or handwash. The stain is easier to wash off after coming into contact with essential oils. 

Use Plant-based Enzyme Cleaners

Enzyme cleaners are made from either plant or animals products. It’s best to use plant-based enzyme cleaners to remove rubber mulch stains from clothes fast and preserve the quality of cloth fabric. They are natural and are usually manufactured odorless, making the cleaning experience pleasant. 

These enzyme cleaners have protein that breaks down the stain molecules and eliminates rubber odor.

To use, spray the enzyme cleaner onto the stained spot and dab with soft fabric till the stains start to lift, then proceed to dry clean. 

Hand-wash Clothes

If you don’t have access to the cleaning methods mentioned above, you can remove rubber mulch stains on clothes through hand-washing. Although it may take several washes before the stain comes off, it’s safer for your fabric. 

Use warm water and any non-toxic detergent to remove rubber mulch stains from clothes.

Soak your clothes in the detergent and water mixture overnight to make handwashing easier. 

Does Rubber Mulch Stain?

Yes, rubber mulch does stain. Most of the rubber mulches found in the market are manufactured in different colors to appeal to clients. 

However, the added color is only on the surface since rubber mulch is closed-cell. Therefore, coming into close contact could stain your skin or clothes. 

How Long Does the Color Last on Rubber Mulch?

Color on rubber mulch lasts up to ten years. Rubber mulch has excellent binding qualities, unlike other mulch whose color washes off when exposed to water. Once laid on your yard, colored rubber mulch can potentially stain your clothes for almost a decade. 

Although you can wash the stains off, it’s annoying always to watch where you step on sections of your yard because of stain potential. I advise buying rubber mulch with no added color. 

What Gets Rubber Mulch Stains Out?

Eucalyptus and tea tree essential oils get rubber mulch stains out. If the stains are on your clothes, dab either of these essential oils on the stained spot using a soft rag. While dabbing, spray a mixture of the essential oil chosen and cold water onto the stained spot to accelerate stain removal. 

These oils are perfect for removing stains since they’re non-abrasive to your fabric unless it’s silk cloth. 

Additionally, you can get rubber mulch stains out using an enzyme cleaner. Plant enzyme cleaners have proteins that help break down stain molecules fast from fabrics. 

Soak stained clothes in cold water and detergent overnight to help accelerate the cleaning process. 

What’s the Best Way to Get Rubber Mulch Stains Out of Clothes?

The best way to get rubber mulch stains out of clothes is through dry cleaning. Dry cleaners are professionals who have all the necessary detergent to clean stains. It also saves you time. Although all the other home solutions mentioned above work, they’re time-consuming. 

How Can I Avoid More Stains on Clothes from Rubber Mulch?

You can avoid more stains on clothes from rubber mulch by replacing your dyed rubber mulch with a plain set. As you’d expect, rubber mulch is made of worn-out rubber or tire. Manufacturers dye these rubber before selling them to make them more attractive to the buyers. However, since the dye can’t fully seep into the rubber, they stain. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Color Come Off Rubber Mulch?

Yes, the color comes off if you’ve purchased dyed rubber mulch. Even black mulch oozes color onto surfaces over time. Color comes off rubber mulch depending on how long you’ve had the mulch on your lawn. 

However, freshly laid out rubber mulch can also ooze out the color. Although it stains, the damage is mild compared to other mulch stains. Additionally, not all rubber mulch is manufactured with added color, natural rubber mulch doesn’t give off-color. Therefore, confirm with your seller which one you’re getting before a purchase. 

Why Does Rubber Mulch Stain Clothes?

Rubber mulch stains clothes because it’s manufactured with added color to attract more clients to purchase it. The stains easily get on clothes because they’re only surface level. Rubber mulch is a closed-off cell material that doesn’t allow the dye to sink in. Staining, therefore, occurs easily when rubber mulch is freshly laid out on the lawn. 

Is It Okay if Clothes Get Stained From Rubber Mulch?

Yes, it’s okay for clothes to get stained from rubber mulch. It’s normal since most manufactured mulch made of rubber has added color. If you notice your clothes getting stained every time you’re out in the yard, use any of the following as discussed above:

  • Hand wash the clothes
  • Take to dry-cleaners
  • use essential oils
  • Use an enzyme-based cleaner 

Do Black Rubber Mulch Stain Clothes?

Yes, black rubber mulch does stain clothes. Like the colored ones, black rubber mulch is coated with black dye before shredding and selling. This dye is only surface level, meaning continuous contact with it causes stains on your clothes. 

Do White Rubber Mulch Stain Clothes?

Yes, white rubber mulch stains clothes. The only difference with white rubber mulch is you may not notice the stain as quickly as you’d see stains in other colors. 

How Can I Clean Rubber Mulch to Avoid Stains on Clothes?

To avoid stains on your clothes, you can clean your rubber mulch using regular soap and water. Pour liquid soap all over your mulch and regularly spray it down with a hose to wash off the excess dye on its top layer. 

Additionally, you can rake up the mulch and turn it over frequently for the sun to dry off the dye. Some rubber mulch fade in the sun, which is beneficial to you since it reduces the possibility of staining. Moreover, you can mix dyed rubber mulch with a plain variety. The plain mulch should be more than dyed mulch. 

Bottom Line 

Nothing good ever lacks fault. While rubber mulch is aesthetically pleasing with various colors, the downside is all the stains. Always ensure you’re purchasing rubber mulch free from the dye to be safe. 

But if you still love the dyed ones, there’s nothing to worry you as you now know how to get rubber mulch stains out of clothes. 

I’m still advocating using a cleaning service to help with all your stains. However, if you can’t procure dry cleaning services, using essential oils is the second-best solution to remove rubber mulch stains on clothes.

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