Rubber Mulch for Sale in Bulk

Rubber Mulch for Sale in Bulk + [How Much Do I need?]

Whether you intend to make a safer shooting range, resurface a playground, or landscape your home, we’ll help you discover the best rubber mulch bulk sales.

Rubber mulch reduces stress on bones and joints for animals in competitions at show arenas. It provides shock-absorbent, springy surfaces for obstacle and rope courses in military training. Therefore, rubber mulch offers an excellent quality surfacing material for commercial and residential use.

Can you get rubber mulch for sale in bulk, therefore?

Rubber mulch costs $7 for a 40-pound bag and $ 315 per 2000-pound bag. Remember that a 2000-pound bag covers 17 sq yards at 6 inches depth. The cost of rubber mulch per yard is approximately $18. 

Let’s look at the approximate costs of bulk rubber mulch:

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Rubber Mulch for Sale in Bulk

You may choose to buy rubber mulch in retail or bulk bags. I provide both retail size and super sack bags. Also, we help you calculate how much rubber mulch per sq ft you’ll need. 

Since we source the rubber mulch straight from the manufacturers, we can sell it at affordable rates. Our rubber mulch is resilient and durable enough to keep your playground and yard looking good for a long time.

Average Rubber Mulch Costs

To help you budget for your next purchase, here’s what to expect: 

How Much Does a Yard of Rubber Mulch Cost?

A yard of rubber mulch costs an average of $30. 

So, 3 yards of rubber mulch cost $90, while 10 yards of rubber mulch cost $300. 

Rubber Mulch Cost Per Sq. Foot

A bag of rubber mulch per 8 sq. feet costs $0.60 per sq. foot. A truckload of rubber mulch per 2000 sq. feet costs about $0.30 per square foot. 

A scoop of rubber mulch per 50 sq. feet costs $0.40 per sq. foot. 

Rubber Mulch Price Per Bag

A rubber mulch bag costs approximately $4 and is enough to cover eight sq. feet. 

Rubber Mulch Price Per Truckload

The cost per truckload of rubber mulch is approximately $550 enough for twenty cubic yards. This cost is exclusive of delivery charges which start at about $160.

Mulch Price Per Scoop 

It’ll cost you $15 for a scoop of rubber mulch for 0.5 cu yd. 

Other Non-Organic Material Prices

  • Landscaping fabric: Costs approximately $0.30 per sq ft and prevents the growth of weeds.
  • Plastic sheets: They cost $0.65 per sq ft.
  • Gravel and rocks: Rocks and gravel cost approximately $0.50, depending on your choice. Keep in mind there is likely to be an additional cost for delivery. Gravel and rocks prevent the growth of weeds while allowing air and water to reach the plant roots.

What to Do When You Get Your Rubber Mulch Order

Here’s what you need to do once your rubber mulch order gets delivered:

Decide How You’ll Move the Rubber Mulch

Once your shipping details are in place, you need to determine the delivery date with your delivery service. You can rent a forklift to lift the bulk bags. Polybags can use a forklift, or you may disassemble them from the pallet and use a wheelbarrow or truck bed to move them. 

Be Ready to Receive Your Delivery

Expect your rubber mulch delivery on wood pallets.

Move the Rubber Mulch to the Location of Installation

Don’t exceed your equipment’s maximum load limit, and ensure you follow the laid down safety precautions. 

Install the Rubber Mulch

Use different wheelbarrows to spread the rubber mulch. Also, distribute the polybags individually. A garden rake helps spread the mulch evenly. 


Can You Bulk Buy Rubber Mulch?

Yes! Buying rubber mulch in bulk is possible. You can choose to either buy it in 2000-pound sacks or bags of 40 pounds each. 

How Much Does a Yard of Rubber Mulch Cost?

Rubber mulch costs between $80-$160 per cubic yard. Most people buy it at an approximate price of $120.

Is Rubber Mulch Worth the Money?

Rubber mulch is the best choice for insulating plants against heat compared to other organic mulches. It’s especially beneficial to indoor gardens because it doesn’t break down and emit a rotting smell. Also, it doesn’t attract insects. 

How Many Bags of Rubber Mulch Are on a Pallet?

There are 50 bags of rubber mulch on a pallet. 

Benefits of Buying Rubber Mulch in Bulk

Buying rubber mulch in bulk saves you money and time compared to buying at retail prices. How? 

  • Reduces transport costs because bulk purchases require less transportation than transporting the mulch in smaller batches. 
  • Ensures that you finish the work ahead of schedule because you don’t have a lead time issue plus, workers don’t have to wait for the arrival of materials.
  • It helps you streamline budgeting for the project.

The Bottom Line 

If you’re considering buying rubber mulch for sale in bulk, then know that it saves you time and money. Besides, buying in bulk allows you to think about other projects since the mulch issue is totally catered for in full. 

Even so, a bulk purchase could as well be a regrettable experience if you buy it from non-genuine sellers. So, be on the lookout.

Only buy rubber mulch in bulk if you’re certain that the quality is non-compromised. You might have to seek help from friends or the internet to verify the genuineness of the quality. 

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