Is Rubber Mulch Good For Plants

Is Rubber Mulch Good For Plants? + [What Are The Risks?]

Farmers in my neighborhood hold meetings monthly to share farming ideas. During this month’s meeting, farmers didn’t agree on whether rubber mulch is good for their plants. After getting home, I decided to research the topic. 

Is Rubber mulch good for plants? 

Yes! Rubber mulch is good for plants since it provides a protective top layer to their roots. Also, it doesn’t get too hot for plants since it contains insulating properties. However, if rubber mulch overstays in your garden, it becomes detrimental to your plants because it contains harmful metals.  

Are you wondering whether rubber mulch is good for your plants? Then look no more! Here are significant issues you need to know before choosing rubber mulch for your plants.

Is Rubber Mulch Good For Plants? 

Yes, rubber mulch is good for your plants. Mulch is usually a top layer material used to cover the soil. Rubber mulch is made of recycled tires, providing your plants’ roots with a perfect cover. 

Rubber mulch prevents your soil from overheating on extremely sunny days. Thus the soil retains moisture for a long time, and the heat can affect your plants’ roots.  

Secondly, rubber mulch is less attractive to harmful insects than wood mulch does. That assists in providing a peaceful environment for your plants’ growth.

Rubber mulch allows all nutrients and water to get to the soil directly. wood mulch absorbs some nutrients and water as they pass through it. With rubber mulch, your plants will grow healthy and strong since they don’t compete for nutrients and water with the mulch. 

Additionally, rubber mulch provides your plants with a perfect environment. Since it doesn’t absorb water and nutrients, it makes the area dry, yet weeds can’t thrive. Therefore, harmful weeds, mold, and fungi can’t attract your plants.  

Did you know you can use the entire car tire as a mulch for your plants? The whole tire plays a significant role in supporting your plants to grow straight. Also, you can use the tire to direct your plants in your desired direction. 

What Are The Benefits Of Rubber Mulch To Plants?

The use of rubber mulch is the perfect decision you can ever make. That’s because it has significant benefits to your plants which are: 

1. Controlling Weed

Rubber mulch creates an unfavorable environment for weed and fungal growth. It cannot absorb water, but it allows water and nutrient to pass down to the soil. Weeds can’t survive on the rubber and can’t pass through the mulch layer to the soil. 

2. Doesn’t Shift Away 

Rubber mulch benefits your plants by remaining in place for years. Due to its heavy characteristic, it’s challenging to relocate hence remaining intact all the time. Therefore, it shields the plants from heat and cold. 

Additionally, rubber mulch saves your energy during garden clean when using wind generating equipment. That’s because it’s hard to blow away.  

3. Controlling Pests

Using rubber mulch protects your plants from pests and insects. Unlike other mulches, rubber mulch is unattractive to pests and insects. 

For instance, pests like termites and ants can’t build their nests there. Therefore your plants remain safe. 

4. Durable 

Rubber mulch is long-lasting hence protecting your plants for a long time. Since rubber weakens slowly, your plants can enjoy long-lasting protection. That also saves you from spending a lot of cash on landscaping materials. 

In this regard, rubber mulch needs little maintenance. That’s because of its long-lasting feature, making it look the same after several years. Unlike others, rubber mulch saves your time and money for maintenance. 

8. Environmentally Friendly 

The use of rubber mulch removes the need for wood mulch for landscaping. That helps in conserving trees while wood mulch encourages destruction. 

Rubber mulch utilizes waste materials like used tires, which can be toxic to the environment. That provides a solution for waste tires, thus protecting the environment. 

5.  Permeable

Rubber mulch doesn’t absorb water and nutrients. Due to its porous characteristic, rubber mulch allows water and nutrients to pass, reaching the plants. 

6. Low Maintenance 

Rubber mulch is heavier than wood mulch. That characteristic helps it to remain still despite heavy rains or strong wind. Unlike wood mulch, you won’t keep replacing rubber mulch or adding it every year. 

Rubber mulch is expensive to install, but the service it provides you with is worth the high cost. Therefore it gives your plant’s roots an attractive and permanent cover that is easy to maintain. 

7. Promotes Plant Growth 

Rubber mulch and oil don’t mix. Recycled tires produce mulch that allows water to pass straight to the soil beneath it. Also, the nutrients that fall on it pass directly to the soil. That assists in fortifying the soil for plants. Unlike wood mulch, rubber mulch doesn’t absorb any nutrients and water. 

Since rubber mulch can’t absorb water, it prevents the growth of harmful fungus to your plants. Weed seeds require moisture to germinate, but rubber mulch provides them with a dry environment. That makes them die before they can sprout and harm your plants. 

With rubber mulch, you need half an inch to prevent weed from germinating. But with wood mulch, you require three inches of mulch to do a similar job. Dangerous plants to your plants like funguses and mold can only survive under high moisture. But rubber mulch doesn’t provide much moisture. 

Does Rubber Mulch Get Too Hot For Plants?

No, rubber mulch doesn’t get too hot for plants. It insulates well, therefore, protecting your plants from heat. 

Rubber is a poor conductor of heat. Therefore beneath any rubber mulch is a cool surface than any other material. For instance, during summer days rubber mulch protects your plant’s roots from dehydration. Also, during winter, it protects them from frost. With rubber mulch, your crops are safe in all weather. 

Are you living in a hot climate area? Then rubber mulch is the best solution for you. That’s because it’s a highly effective insulator. It’s the best material you can use to protect your plants and soil from heat. 

However, ensure you avoid black rubber mulch since it absorbs heat, overheats the soil, and damages your plants.  

Is Rubber Mulch Harmful to Plants?

Rubber mulch is not harmful to your plants. Rubber mulch doesn’t decompose quickly. Meaning it doesn’t provide plants with nutrients like other mulch. But still, it won’t harm your plants. 

You might wonder what happens when it decomposes. Well, it passes the toxic chemicals to the soil causing damage to your plant. Worry not! Rubber mulch takes over six to ten years to decompose. 

Therefore before they decompose, replace them with new rubber mulches. That way, your soil, and plants are safe. 

Rubber mulch keeps the soil cool protecting your plants’ roots from overheating. During cold weather, it protects your plants from freezing. 

However, rubber mulch contains toxic chemicals which kill helpful insects found in the soil that assist in disease control.


  1. Is Rubber Mulch Good for Flower Beds?

Rubber mulch is good for your flower beds. Apart from protecting their roots from the heat, they also make them look attractive. 

Rubber mulch contains zinc oxide, which is harmful to all plants, including your flowers. But don’t fail to make your flower beds attractive since zinc oxide takes a long time to damage your flowers. 

  1. Is Rubber Mulch Better than Regular Mulch?

Yes! Rubber mulch is better than regular mulch. That’s because it serves you for long without the need to replace it. Regular mulch needs replacement almost yearly. 

Rubber mulch isn’t insect-friendly; thus, no pests affect your farm. Regular mulch attracts various types of insects, burdening you with control budgets. 

  1. Is Rubber Mulch Good for the Environment? 

Rubber mulch is eco-friendly due to its ability to control unwanted pests. Thus it gives no room for farmers to use chemicals that might harm the environment. 

Rubber mulch secures the environment since there is no cutting down trees to produce wood mulch. 

After installing the rubber mulch, avoid the area for about three days. If it is a must you visit the site, put on protective gear. That’s because the new rubber mulch stinks. The same should apply during hotter days.  

Last Take 

Rubber mulch is the best option for your plants. I know it won’t decompose and won’t provide your plants with nutrients. But it serves you for long.

Rubber mulch is what you need for your plants based on its pros. You are sure of zero overheating and freezing for your plants. Meaning your plants and soil are safe in all weathers. 

Rubber mulch is expensive. But consider how long it can serve you and its benefits to your plants. Then the cost is worth it. 

You choosing rubber mulch means caring about the environment. That’s because there is no killing of trees for organic mulch. Also, the surroundings remain clean since recycling old tires creates rubber mulch. 

Now go, cover your soil with rubber mulch, let your crops enjoy the benefits, and protect the environment. 

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