Is Vigoro Rubber Mulch Safe For Dogs? 

Is Vigoro Rubber Mulch Safe For Dogs? 

As a true dog lover, caring for your pet is at the prime of your daily list. It’s natural to worry about the health of your dog and, most importantly, where they sleep.

However, with countless mulch emerging in the market, it’s hard to make up which mulch suits best for a dog. Probably, that’s why you’re reading this article and wondering, is Vigoro rubber mulch safe for dogs? 

Yes. Vigoro Rubber mulch is safe and toxic-free. Moreover, Vigoro rubber mulch is cozy, and your dogs will love it. Mostly, your dog won’t suffer significant complications if it swallows chips of Vigoro mulch. However, it’s always good to check on your dog from time to time.

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Is Vigoro Rubber Mulch Safe For Dogs

The composition of Vigoro mulch is free of harmful chemicals, making it perfectly safe for your dogs. It’s right to inspect the quality of any rubber mulch before installing it. Why? Because most rubber mulches are from recycled car tires that may contain harmful chemicals.

Plus, it’s natural for dogs to chew on almost anything, including mulch, which can cause stomach indigestion. Vigoro Rubber mulch undergoes thorough purification processes to avoid ingestion and chemical intoxication. Then the rubber is diced into small particles to prevent bowel obstruction in case your dog swallows some.

Additionally, Vigoro rubber mulch is easy to clean, a crucial feature for any pet mulch. As for ordinary mulch, dirt and dog urine accumulate over time, forming a perfect ground for disease-causing bacteria to thrive, which might be fatal for your dog and yourself.

Unlike regular mulch, Vigoro rubber mulch is waterproof, making it easy to clean and maintain. Thus, keeping your dog safe from disease-causing organisms. So whether it’s health or physical safety you’re concerned with, Vigoro rubber mulch has it. It’s basically what your dog needs.

Is Vigoro Rubber Mulch Toxic?

Generally, Vigoro rubber mulch is nontoxic. It’s 100% rubber. Consequently, there has been a persisting debate on how safe rubber mulch is for animals, and even kids. As the debate continues over decades, some scientific research shows rubber does contain some harmful chemicals like PAHs and BHT.

However, such chemicals are only produced under extremely hot conditions. On the contrary, such conditions are rare in an ordinary dog house. Not unless your dog house is under an active underground volcano, Vigoro rubber mulch is harmless. 

Also, dog owners are concerned with whether the Vigoro rubber can disintegrate in the dog’s stomach if a dog takes a bite. No need to worry. Your dog will be perfectly safe.

It doesn’t disintegrate and it passes through the digestive system. Even so, the rubber particles can cause unpleasant irritation in the gastrointestinal tract.

Packaging also does have a role when it comes to the quality of any product. Vigoro Rubber mulch is well-packed to ensure the mulch gets to you free from any contamination. The mulch does have a unique smell that stops after two days.

Do Dogs Like Vigoro Rubber Mulch?

Due to its comfort, dogs love vigoro rubber mulch. Vigoro Rubber mulch is metal-free, and this gives it an added advantage. Unlike wood mulch, which can cause sprinters on the dog’s feet and nose, this mulch doesn’t have anything that could pose such a threat.

So a dog falling from heights up to 3 meters won’t pose a threat. Vigoro rubber is specifically designed to absorb shock from falls and rapid movements, reducing stress on the animal joints and bones.

Moreover, it acts as a damper for sounds. You do know how dogs are playful and how noisy they can be. This mulch is the best option to reduce the noise.

However, be cautious: Dogs love the mulch, and once in a while, they may chew and swallow some (I’ll discuss this later in this article). Therefore, you may need to keep an eye on your dogs, and keep them well-fed and engaged at all times. 

What Happens If A Dog Eats Vigoro Rubber Mulch?

Incidents of abdominal obstruction are rare with Vigoro rubber mulch; this is due to the small-sized rubber chips. However, there’s still a risk of obstruction, particularly with puppies.

For adult dogs, the small-sized rubber chips pass through the digestive system without any complications. In rare cases, though, rubber can still cause irritations or a blockage in the gastrointestinal tract. 

Here are some indicators to help you know if your dog may be suffering from an obstruction.

 Symptoms Of An Abdominal Obstruction In Dogs

  •  Loss of appetite
  • Abdominal pain
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting
  • Bloating
  • Refusal to lie down
  • Inability to have a bowel movement or diarrhea

Be on the lookout for such signs, and consult your veteran for advice and medical treatment. The doctor can administer intravenous fluids for minor complications, and that does the job. For serious cases, though, the doctor can trace the blockage point via an x-ray and then remove the piece through surgery.

To be safe, esure the dog has enough food, as hunger is one of the primary reasons dogs would try out anything. Keeping a dog from eating mulch is a tricky business for most dog owners. Therefore, I’ve discussed it below. So, don’t stop here, read on.

How Do I Keep My Dog From Eating Vigoro Rubber Mulch?

As previously mentioned, keep your dog from eating vigoro rubber mulch by Keeping it occupied at all times. Now, we’ll see how keeping your dog busy can prevent it from eating mulch. Plus some more tips.

Here, the idea is to provide something the dog will love more than chewing the mulch. You could find your dog a playing partner or a chewing toy, or even better, play with it. What other better way to keep a dog occupied than with its loving owner?

Let’s take a detailed look at some of the best options of keeping your pet distracted. 

Use Repellent Sprays

If it’s hard finding a partner for your dog or keeping an eye on it all day, then a repellent spray on the Vigoro mulch will do. Besides, the repellent spray is harmless to the dog.

But, how does a repellent spray work? 

Simple, by changing the taste of the mulch and making it bitter for the dog to chew. The spray works pretty much the same on other animals, too. But is the spray safe for the dog? You ask. Yes, it is. It won’t threaten its health whatsoever. 

Alternatively, you could make your own repellent spray. How? Mix vinegar and water, and voilà! A homemade repellent spray is all ready! 

Then with a spray gun, apply the mixture to the Vigoro rubber mulch. The sour taste will keep your dog from daring to chew the mulch again.

Even better, you can still substitute vinegar with citrus juice. Why? Vinegar may have a strong scent, which could be irritating if you have a sensitive nose. 

Exercise Your Dog

A dog is likely to misbehave when it has too much energy, and that includes chewing the squishy Vigoro. Running with your dog in the morning can help release energy, remain calm during the day, and be less interested in eating the mulch.

Can Vigoro Rubber Mulch Cause An Allergic Reaction In Dogs?

No. Your dog won’t have an allergic reaction due to vigoro. However, rubber does contain latex, which dog owners fear since it can cause skin allergies on dogs and other pets. However, to avoid causing allergic reactions on dogs, the recycled rubber used for making Vigoro rubber mulch is purified before processing. Thus, providing you with a rubber mulch that is 100% free from latex and perfectly safe for your dog.

Also, the purification that Vigoro mulch undergoes also makes it free from metal, a problem for most rubber mulch. Nonetheless, you could mix the Vigoro rubber mulch with antifungal and antimicrobial dust to reinforce the safety of your dogs.

Maintaining the rubber mulch is another method to keep your dog from any allergic reaction. Dusting the dog’s potty area with antimicrobial dust is functional in preventing mold from growing on mulch, which would otherwise cause inhalant allergies.

Vigoro Rubber mulch contains no chemical compound that can cause any allergic reaction in your dog. If there’s any, it’s because someone forgot to clean the dog’s playground for weeks.


Is Vigoro Rubber Mulch Good For A Dog Potty Area?

Yes, vigoro rubber mulch is good for a dog potty area. Plus, it comes with some added advantages not found in wood mulch. Vigoro mulch does not absorb water, hence easy to clean. Unlike wood mulch, Vigoro rubber mulch won’t absorb the dog’s urine, facilitating drainage around the dog potty area and keeping it dry.


To sum it up: Vigoro Rubber mulch is safe for dogs and is easy to clean. It’s metal-free. Therefore, no sprinters on your dog’s feet. Moreover, the recycled rubber is well cleaned before processing to ensure your dog is free from latex allergies.

Generally, the small Vigoro rubber chips aren’t a threat to a dog if swallowed. However, if your dog still wants to chew it, keep it occupied. Give it  chewing toys. Lastly, dogs do love Vigoro rubber mulch; and yours, too, may enjoy the coziness of the mulch. Try it.

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