JK Mulch: The Best Residential and Commercial Landscaping Mulch

Established in the early 90s, JK Enterprise Landscape Supply, LLC has been the leading supplier of mulches in Maryland and Virginia states. One of their top products is JK mulch, sold in bags or large quantities. 

The JK Enterprise Landscape Supply company solely produces JK Mulch, making it top-quality. This also means that whenever you call or contact them through their website, they can deliver the mulch as soon as possible. 

The company boasts of producing various types of mulches, which include: black color-enhanced mulch, dark brown color-enhanced mulch, double-shredded hardwood mulch, double shredded cedar mulch, ruby red color-enhanced mulch, pine bark mini nuggets mulch, pine bark mulch, pine fines, premium double shredded cedar mulch, premium double shredded hardwood mulch.

Let’s discuss JK mulch and see if it is worth your money. 

JK Mulch: Residential and Commercial Landscaping Mulch

Whether you need mulch for a children’s playground or the farm, top quality can never come second. Here’s why. Mulch meant to be used on a playground should be of good quality to ensure the kids won’t accidentally fall and get injured while playing. 

On the other hand, if farm mulch quality is compromised, then your harvest will go down. In addition, flowers won’t broom if they don’t grow under good conditions.  So, we all agree that top-quality mulch is vital regardless of its purpose.

Thanks to the JK bulk and bagged mulch, it will serve all your purposes. Based on your needs, the mulch may be double-shredded or color enhanced. You may also order cedar and hardwood mulches.

What do you get in these mulches? Let’s find out.

Types of JK Mulches

Pine Bark Mini Nuggets: Featuring a diameter of 2 to 3 inches, pine bark mini nuggets are suitable for anyone looking for slow-decomposing mulches. You’ll love its shape as it contributes to the slow decomposing rate. 

Dark Brown Color Enhanced Mulch: This mulch is shredded twice to make it easy for your plants to push through the mulch and grow effectively without losing the required moisture. Unlike the double-shredded hardwood mulch, this mulch is colored to give your yard or landscape an attractive appearance. Thankfully, the dark brown color doesn’t fade fast. 

Pine Fines: If you want mulch that can incredibly lower the Ph of your soil, then pine fines are the best. Moreover, they’ll retain soil moisture, so your crops won’t need frequent watering. 

Red color-enhanced Mulch: If red is your favorite color, then JK mulch, the red color-enhanced option, should be your next product! Also, if you love the premium double shredded hardwood mulch but with a touch of red color, then this is it! 

The long-lasting red color gives your landscape an appealing color that even passers-by will want to keep staring at! Whether you need it in bulk or a few bags, you can get it from the nearest retailers or the JK mulch producers. 

Premium double-shredded hardwood mulch: For the best crop-growing environment, premium double-shredded hardwood mulch is the best. It’s a great standard mulch option, so order as much as you want and expect great results. 

Black color-enhanced mulch: Black is a natural color. Hence most people love it. If you’re one of them, get this premium double-shredded hardwood mulch with a black color touch. Hence, you won’t have to buy plastic mulch to have that black appearance around your yards. 

Premium double-shredded cedar mulch: Are you looking for mulch that naturally repels insects? JK mulch, specifically the premium double shredded cedar option, does that! The mulch also adds an aromatic scent to your yard (or wherever you need it installed). You may consider ordering it in bags or larger quantities by calling the company directly. 

Pine bark mulch: Pine bark mulch is tightly matted to keep your weeds off your yard. Another advantage that comes with it is the ability to retain moisture effectively. You could consider pine bark mulch as an option instead of using chemicals.

Why Should You Buy JK Mulch? 

Many advantages come with JK mulch installation; for example, it helps the soil retain more moisture, effectively repels insects, and adds more nutrients to your soil. Below, let’s discuss these advantages at length. Continue reading. 

Helps In Retaining Soil Moisture

When the sun penetrates through the soil, it quickens moisture evaporation. Consequently, you must keep watering your crops, especially during hot days; otherwise, they could wither and die. 

In addition, since not much water is lost from the soil during hot days, you can also preserve more water. You also don’t have to water frequently because the mulch preserves water throughout the day. 

On the other hand, during windy days, your yard or farm could be prone to soil erosion based on where it’s situated.

When installing JK mulch, you protect your yard or farm from soil erosion while promoting moisture retention. So, your plants or flowers get a conducive environment to grow in. 

Insect Repellant

Certain JK mulches, for example, cedar mulch, have an aromatic scent that naturally keeps insects away from your yard. If your farm is often infected by roaches, house ants, moths, beetles, argentine ants, and termites, consider installing the cedar JK mulch. 

The “thujone” compound found in cedar has a menthol smell. Hence, it effectively keeps insects away. So, you’ll never have to spend money on insect-repelling chemicals again. 

Therefore, you would be more privileged if you ordered this mulch today. 

Nutrients Supplement

Some mulches, for example, leaf mulch, helps in nutrient supplementation when it decomposes. Therefore, when you install leaf mulch, it adds more nutrients to your soil. 

Therefore, if you cannot afford fertilizers for your garden, using leaf mulch would be a great idea. Also, if you can afford fertilizers, you’ll get more benefits by mulching your yard. Due to soil compaction mitigation, nutrients will successfully get into the soil, boosting your yields.   

Soil Insulation

Plants’ roots aren’t at risk of hot temperatures; extreme cold could equally damage them. Just like in summer, you need to protect your crops from extreme cold, which could damage the roots. The roots will stay warm throughout the cold season by installing JK mulch. 

Therefore, your crop yields will remain the same despite the extreme summer or winter, and your flowers will retain their glory throughout the seasons. This is why you should order the JK mulch today if you haven’t ordered it yet. 

Weed Growth Prevention

If you’re struggling with the constant growth of weeds, installing mulch will help reduce or stop their growth. Mulch hinders weed growth by suppressing and suffocating it hence stopping its growth. This happens because for weeds to grow, they need sunlight, which is impossible to get due to the presence of mulch. Consequently, their growth is mitigated. 

This is to mean that there will be minimal garden or yard maintenance costs. In addition, your crops or flowers will get all the nutrients they need because they’ll not be sharing with other plants. It’s a win, win situation. However, a 3-inch or more mulch installation works better than a single-layer one. 

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Install The Jk Mulch

You need to apply the best installation procedures to get the best results from your mulch. You, therefore, need to measure the proposed mulch installation area accurately, remove the debris, remove the weeds, create edges, sort out the debris, add soil amendments, and then install mulch. 

Let me discuss each of these briefly. 


You must measure the proposed area to know how much mulch you need to order from the JK mulch producers. After doing the measurement, calculate the required mulch using our mulch calculator.

You can also calculate the amount needed using the truck mulch calculator

This helps you get an accurate quantity of the mulch, which would be enough to cover the area based on how deep you want it to be. 

Rake The Debris And Remove Weeds

You must remove the weeds before mulching. Also, never install mulch on a yard full of debris. Spare time from your busy schedule and rake all the debris after weeding. This step is crucial as it helps you install the mulch properly to avoid having some areas above others. 

Edge and Sort

Using a power edger, show the boundary of your garden or the areas you want to install JK mulch. If you don’t own one yet or do not have enough money to buy one now, you can consider an edging shovel as an option. 

A rule of thumb when edging is to keep a distance of 6 to 8 inches from trees and other landscaping features.  

If you gathered any organic material when raking, have it back in the garden so that it can add nutrients to the soil.

Improve The Quality Of Your Soil

Add fertilizer before mulching if you intend to plant anything in the garden. The same case applies to pesticides. Wondering why? 

After installing the JK mulch, as is the case with other types of mulches, you cannot apply pesticides and fertilizers. So, apply them before mulching so that the mulch protects them from harsh weather and creates room for your crops to absorb them gradually. 

Install Mulch

Once everything is said and done, it’s time to install the JK mulch you’ve been eyeing for so long. 

So, evenly distribute your mulch to the prepared areas using a rake. As this article mentions, install at least 3 inches of mulch for the best results. This is to ensure that your crops stay safe from harsh weather conditions.

Where To Buy Your Mulch

You can contact JK mulch producers directly by phone or through the contact form, which is available on their website, so as to buy mulch. Buying mulch directly from the company gives you the privilege of getting it at a lower price. Besides, they might advise on the best mulch based on your requirements.
However, you can also get the mulch from any mulch retailers around you if you live in Maryland or Virginia states, so remember that it’s paramount to know how much mulch you need before ordering. So, ensure you accurately calculate the mulch needed based on the available space before making your order.

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