Where Can I Buy Rubber Mulch Near Me

Where Can I Buy Rubber Mulch Near Me?

One of the greatest challenges that you could experience is finding quality rubber mulch that meets all your needs. You could ask yourself, “Where can I buy rubber mulch near me?” Well, it all goes down to where you’re based, plus if you’re comfortable making an order online. 

You can buy rubber mulch in any mulch store near you. Averaging at $30 per cubic yard, rubber mulch is more expensive than other mulches. To cut down on cost, you can buy rubber mulch in bulk, for example, in sacks or bags. 

This article discusses the cost of rubber mulch, why it’s highly priced, and where to buy it. Please read on to the end to learn everything about rubber mulch.

Where Can I Buy Rubber Mulch Near Me?

You can buy rubber mulch from your local home improvement stores, garden centers, and local nursery. Given that the market is awash with several brands of rubber mulch, some overpriced, others giving value for money, it’s advisable to go for the right brand.

Even so, some of the rubber mulch stores near you include:

Online Rubber Mulch Stores

The world has changed, so has the mulch market, too. You can now make your mulch order online, right at the comfort of your home. Below are some companies that sell mulch online.

International Mulch

Look no further if you’re looking for genuine, 100 recycled rubber mulch. International mulch got your back. The company dyes their rubber mulch to make it more appealing and possible to hide it. Depending on your preferences, you can order red or brown rubber mulch. 


Choose your color and make your order! Rubbermulch company has rubber mulch of diverse colors. So, whether you want green or blue rubber mulch, it’s a call away. Besides, their pricing guarantee assures you of getting rubber mulch at a better price in the future. Try them!


From this website, you can buy virgin or reclaimed rubber mulch. So, in case you buy rubber mulch and have nothing more to do with it, probably after a couple of years, you can still sell it to the company instead of disposing of it. 

Tires to Green Recyling, LLC

If you’re based in Canada, the United States, or Mexico, consider buying rubber mulch from Tires to Green Recycling company. Also, if you have some tires, you could do business with them by selling tires to them while you buy rubber mulch. This would help cut down on costs.  

American Recycling Center, Inc.

Whether you’re looking for industrial, commercial, or residential rubber mulch, you can get it from the American recycling center.  Moreover, even when you want to hide your rubber, you can do so by ordering a dyed rubber mulch. 

Best Rubber Mulch

Here’s a good catch for you if you’re based in the US. Best Rubber mulch offers free shipping to all US-based clients. In addition, they sell both painted and unpainted rubber mulch. 

Shercom Industries Inc

Shercom industries have many outlets where you can buy mulch near you. Besides buying rubber mulch for your garden or playground, the company also offers installation services. So, if you also need a rubber mulch installer near you, check out with them. 

Perfect Rubber Mulch 

With this company, you can find rubber mulch near you in Ohio, Arizona, Texas, Kentucky, Colorado, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Oklahoma, and Florida.


How Much Does A Yard Of Rubber Mulch Cost?

On average, a yard of rubber mulch costs approximately $30 per cubic yard. That means 10 cubic yards of rubber mulch should cost $300. The price is subject to change depending on various circumstances—for instance, your supplier and location. Don’t be surprised, though — some people sell rubber mulch at a much higher price, approximately $80 to $160 per cubic yard.

Can You Bulk Buy Rubber Mulch?

Indeed, you can bulk buy rubber mulch—usually in sacks costing around $2,745.10 or bags worth $54.91. 

While it could require a well-financed person to bulk buy rubber mulch, this is economical because companies cut down on cost for such purchases in most cases.

Also, if you buy from a store near you, shipping may be free. So, you also cut on transportation costs. 

Is Rubber Mulch More Expensive?

Compared to most mulches, rubber mulch is more expensive. Sadly, it would take longer to enjoy the returns of your expense, sometimes up to eight years or more. So, why is rubber mulch so expensive? You ask. 

Rubber mulch is so expensive because it has a longer lifespan than other mulches. Therefore, it could take you about 8 to 10 years before buying new rubber mulch. 

What Is The Cost Of A Bag Of Rubber Mulch?

If you’re buying rubber mulch for large-scale use, it’s advisable to buy it per bag instead of per yard. 

A 40-pound of rubber mulch costs $7 on average. Alternatively, you can opt for a ton of rubber mulch, which costs between $300 and $800. Buying the mulch in bulk is advantageous since you can get a huge price discount and save your money.


How Much Area Will A 40 Lb Bag Of Mulch Cover?

How much area your mulch covers depends on its type and weight. Plus, how many inches deep do you want it to go? You would need less mulch if you only want it to be an inch deep, but more if you want it to be two inches deep. 

For great results, install your mulch at a thickness of 2-4 inches. With this depth, mulch works effectively by suppressing the weeds and retaining moisture to prevent your crops from drying up, especially in summer. 

With 2 and 4 inch depth, a standard bag of mulch installed covers 12 square feet and 6 square feet, respectively. 

Considering that when dry, a bag of mulch may weigh about 20 pounds, then a 40lb bag of mulch covers 24 square feet when installed at 2 inches deep. For 4 inches mulch installation, the 40lb bag would cover only 12 square feet. 

How Many Bags Of Rubber Mulch Are On A Pallet?

There are approximately 50 bags of rubber mulch on a pallet. 


This article has explained a pressing question, where can I buy rubber mulch near me? Go for rubber mulch instead of buying low-grade, overpriced, and overhyped mulch. 

Rubber mulch is easy to maintain, is durable, and prevents the growth of weed. Instead of changing mulch after one year or two, why not get the rubber mulch that lasts for more than ten years? 

When buying rubber mulch, you can choose between buying a few bags of the mulch or in large quantities. Go to your nearest home improvement store, garden center, or local nursery and buy the rubber mulch that meets your needs. 

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