How Long Does Rubber Mulch Last

How Long Does Rubber Mulch Last? + [How To Make It Last Longer]

The rubber tire cycle doesn’t end with the old worn-out set, thanks to some brilliant minds. These tires are now making the valuable rubber mulch that helps plants thrive, neatens gardens, and makes playgrounds safe. This sounds like a win-win situation for gardeners and the planet.

But how long does rubber mulch last?

Before you think of replacing or adding, rubber mulch lasts for over ten years. Rubber mulch doesn’t encounter fading issues, maintaining an aesthetic appeal throughout. Additionally, it requires minor maintenance, unlike other mulches. Because it breaks down slowly, rubber mulch serves for many years.

This article provides an in-depth look at the durability of rubber mulch and its maintenance to ensure it lasts as it should. Read on.

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How Long Does Rubber Mulch Last?

According to manufacturers, rubber mulch should last for at least ten years. Moreover, the dye pigments used in rubber mulch production don’t only give color but also prolong the life span up to 12 years.

Typically, the ten-year durability span is only for the aesthetic appeal of landscaping rubber mulch.

But, realistically speaking, rubber mulch doesn’t deteriorate even after ten years. That’s why it’s essential to discard rubber mulch when necessary responsibly.

Furthermore, the dyes used in the manufacture of rubber mulch are toxic to deter organisms that can cause breaking down. This way, it doesn’t fade and lasts longer than organic mulches.

This long-lasting benefit of rubber mulch outweighs other benefits, especially maintenance and high cost.

Though most people prefer rubber mulch because of its longevity, its major drawback is the lack of adding organic matter to the soil.

Factors That Affect the Durability of Rubber Mulch

As expected, rubber mulch should last forever. But, that’s not the reality in some cases. However, lasting longer than stated isn’t impossible as long as you follow the recommended steps in installation and care.

But, what contributes to shortened rubber mulch lifespan?

  • Weather and Environmental Factors

 As long as it’s outside, it’s eventually vulnerable to long-term weather exposure. Though rubber mulch is anti-fade, resilient, and more durable than most mulch, weather effects start after some time.

Extreme sun, rain, wind, and temperature all contribute to the wear and tear of rubber mulch, even if it’s after ten years. Therefore, it’s always important to consider how weather impacts the durability and maintenance of rubber mulch when buying.

Shredded rubber mulch can sometimes blow away from the playground or landscape. Still, the poured rubber may deteriorate from the intense sun exposure.

Fungi and bacteria also degrade rubber mulch after some time. Even though some components used in tire production are toxic to organisms in rubber, some bacteria and fungi can depollute these elements. As a result, rubber mulch protection fades and exposes it to wear and tear.

  •  Improper Maintenance 

Though rubber mulch doesn’t require frequent maintenance, it’s crucial to ensure that you take utmost care. You can expect it to last longer and look good as new.

How to Make Rubber Mulch Last Long

Most gardeners and homeowners choose rubber mulch because it hardly blows or washes away due to its heavy nature. Rubber mulch resists diseases, pests, decomposition, and maintenance is straightforward.

So, how do you make rubber mulch last long?

  •  Frequently remove sticks, leaves, and even weeds to ensure the rubber mulch stays clean.
  •   Loosen compacted layers of rubber mulch by raking it once in a while. This provides a uniform layout.
  •  In case of collected dirt or dust on the rubber mulch, spray with water to clean it.
  •   Replace or add more rubber mulch on bare or displaced parts.

Tip: Lay down a weed barrier before installing rubber mulch. A weed barrier helps deter weeds from growing and enables most minor maintenance.

After all, expect your rubber mulch to last at least ten years. However, many homeowners opt for organic mulches due to the cheap costs and no toxicity.

Parting Shot

How long does rubber mulch last? This is a primary concern of using rubber mulch, mainly because it’s expensive to buy it. Luckily, a minimum of 10 years provides value for every penny spent.

The benefits of using rubber mulch are appealing and convincing to most homeowners. Rubber mulch is highly versatile and helps save the planet by reducing the overabundance of used tires in landfills.

Preferably, buy large rubber mulch nuggets because they decompose slowly and get the cedar red color.

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