Best Rubber Mats For Playground

Best Rubber Mats For Playground

So you want to know the best rubber mats for your playground? Getting suitable rubber mats for playgrounds can be frustrating, especially when there are a thousand counterfeit products to avoid. 

Thus, having a checklist to refer to before making a poor purchase is a good idea. I’ll review the TOP 6 best rubber mats playground and highlight the pros and cons of each mat. Plus, the customers’ reviews.

In addition, I’ll review each product and highlight its applicability. Then at the end, I’ll discuss 6 crucial factors to consider before buying a playground mat. 

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6 Top Rubber Mats For Playgrounds

First, I’ll consider the quality of each mat, its benefits, and its drawback. Then I’ll have a slot for customers’ ratings and our verdict on each product. So, shall we begin?

Myoyay Flooring Mats

The Myoyay mat is made of well-sorted, recycled rubber materials. The rubber is nicely designed to give your playground floor not only a touch of beauty but also safety while exercising. 

The Myoyay mat is built to withstand extreme pressure. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry that it will tear while making your extreme kung fu stands. Or the mat would break after dropping a 110 lb gym weight from your wist in a false start. Why? The Myoyay mat is STRONG.

So, does the mat absorb water? No. The Myoyay mat is waterproof, thus making the mat easy to clean and maintain.

If you’re engaging in extreme training, it’s good to consider a mat that doesn’t absorb the salty sweat. 

Why is that so? The room becomes unbearable after a week! The Myoyay mats provide just the solution. Here’s why. It’s waterproof, and with a minute of wiping, the mat is free of odor and ready for the next session. 

The Myoyay mat is built for both indoor and outdoor activities. Besides, it’s specially built with high resistance to be used in any environment. Plus, the interlocking system adds to its firmness, making the Myoyay mats perfect, safe, and comfortable for any surface.


  • Build as a shock absorber. Hence, great for playgrounds and gyms floor
  • Easy to install
  • Elastic and high resistance
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of rubber — therefore, non-slippery


  • The four corners of the tiles need to be fixed with glue for the tiles to remain intact.
  • Once fitted on the floor permanently, it’s hard to remove the tiles.

My Verdict

The product is legit and satisfactory to most clients. You, too, won’t regret getting yourself the Myoyay mats for your playground. 

If you’re in an extreme sport like heavy lifting, or you’re looking for rubber that keeps the kids from falling off the swing set, then consider the Myoyay mat.

Tonchean Gym Fitness Commercial Exercise Mat

If you’re looking for a single large mat, then the Tonchean mat suits you. It’s excellent for gym floors and any sports zone. The Tonchean mat is 13.1 ft long, which makes it easy to install compared to the small tiles.

Another feature that makes the Tonchean mat shout out is it’s NON-FLAMMABLE. And that’s cool, considering it’s made up of rubber! Plus, it’s still waterproof, anti-slip, and anti-impact. 

The Tonchean mat is designed to diminish sounds during training sessions, and that’s great if your sport involves constantly dropping your opponent with a bang.

The Tonchean mat is easy to cut to fit the desired shape. Moreover, the rubber weighs 70lbs, and with your car, it’s easy to carry during outdoor sports. 

What about cleaning and maintenance? Easy. The Tonchean mat is made up of rubber, and it’s waterproof. Therefore, a wipe is enough after training. Again the Tonchean mat has high tear resistance meaning it takes you a while before thinking of a replacement.


  • High tear resistance
  • Flame retardant
  • Easy to transport and install
  • Waterproof
  • Anti-slip


  • The thickness is 0.25 inches, which isn’t entirely effective in shock absorbing. For extreme sports, like gymnastics, you feel some discomfort on your feet.

My Verdict

The Tonchean mat is something worth having, considering it’s fire-resistant. Furthermore, it’s easy to install and carry during outdoor training.

Moreover, the Tonchean mat has a good rating. You’ll love it. However, the edges aren’t straight. Therefore, it would help to trim some edges. Additionally, the mat may take a day or two to flatten properly after unrolling. 

Rubber King All-Purpose Fitness Mats

The first thing to note about the rubber king mat is being odorless. As such, you don’t have to wash or perfume the mat after buying. You can install them immediately after purchase. 

The rubber king mat is built to offer innovative features to better your sporting sessions on any playground. It’s designed to reduce noise, hence great for jumping rope. It’s also applicable under the treadmill to minimize vibration and noise. 

While exercising, you require a mat that stays where you place it, and the rubber king mat does the job perfectly. Moreover, the rubber king mat is waterproof, making it easy to clean and maintain.


  • Low order
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduce noise and vibration
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy to transport


  • Not a good shock absorber

My Verdict

With 75% of the buyers giving the mat a rating of 5 stars, this would be a perfect match to consider buying. You, too, will love the rubber king mat. Consider buying the king mat, and you won’t be disappointed with the results: the mat is solid, durable, and able to handle any traffic.

Rubber-Cal Eco-Sport Interlocking Tile

The rubber cal tiles come in four colors: green, blue, coal, and terracotta. The rubber cal tiles are built for two main features: SAFETY and DURABILITY.


The rubber cal tiles are designed to provide anti-slip traction. Plus, cushioned and comfortable surface for your feet and knees while training. The tiles have a thickness of 2.5 enough to absorb falling impact and at the same time protect your floor from damage.

The rubber cal tiles are also built with interlocking pins that help the tile stay in place, keeping your playground neat and safe.


The rubber cal sporting tiles are made from recycled tire rubber to provide high wear resistance even in extreme weather conditions in outdoor playgrounds. Aside from durability, the rubber cal tiles are cheap to maintain and clean since they’re waterproof.

The interlocking pins make the rubber cal easy to install. It’s a DIY project. Therefore, you don’t need to hire anyone to install the tiles for you. 


  • It has a thickness of 2.5 inches, which is excellent for shock absorbance
  • The interlocking pins make the tiles stay in place
  • Rubber cal is durable and easy to maintain
  • Reduce impact noise and vibration during training


  • Interlocking the tiles can be tiring and time-consuming.
  • Some tiles aren’t cut out straight – this adds extra work in fitting them together.

My Verdict

If you’re looking for a satisfying product, here’s one with a customer with a considerably great rating. However, most clients complained about the interlocking system-it’s poor. 

Although, you can solve the issue by straightening the edges with a sharp cutter and adjusting the interlocking pins.

Extra Large Yoga Mat

The extra-large yoga mat transforms any room into an exercise studio by just unrolling. This mat measures 8 ft long, making it spacious enough for a trainer and a trainee to exercise together.

The top layer of the yoga mat is soft and firm, with a thickness of the mat is 8 mm, which makes it comfortable and safe for knees and elbows. These qualities come in handy, especially if you are advanced in age. The softness keeps you comfortable, while the top rough layer keeps you from slipping.

Again, you’re guaranteed that your floor and carpet remain protected while using the extra-large yoga mat. How? The yoga mat is built with high-quality rubber material that keeps the mat intact so that your floor remains as clean as it was after rolling up the mat.

Another cool feature about the extra-large yoga mat is its easy transport. The package includes a carrying bag and straps for easy storage or transport. Therefore, you don’t need to postpone your training during a vacation. You can roll up the mat and put it inside the carrying bag, then store it at the back of your car while traveling.

The mat is excellent for indoor and outdoor meditation and stretching. However, it’s not recommended for gym weights and equipment. Why? The yoga mat isn’t built to withstand high traffic. The mat can easily tear under the pressure of gym equipment.


  • 8 mm thick – very comfortable on the feet, knees, and elbows
  • Great for stretching, yoga, and meditation
  • The package includes a carrying bag and straps which keep the mat safe while storing or transporting.
  • The mat is spacious enough for a trainer and a trainee to exercise together freely. 
  • Protects your floor and carpet
  • Absorbs noise and vibration
  • It’s odorless 


  • It can’t be used as a gym floor. It tears under heavy weights and equipment.

My Verdict 

The yoga mat is a great product, especially for meditation and stretching. The 8 mm thickness cushion keeps your feet, knees, and elbows comfortable to train for extra hours without any discomfort.

Revtime-Interlocked Outdoor Rubber Tiles

The color is terracotta red! I know the name is something, but trust me, the color is excellent, especially for the outdoor playground. Not only is the color impressive, but also installing the Revtime mats is a DIY project! 

Consequently, you won’t incur extra cash hiring an expert to install the tiles for you. The Revtime mats are made of high-density rubber, which makes them elastic to absorb shock so that your feet remain relaxed even after a long period of play. 

You know It’s not a joke, slipping to a 180-degree splint while trying out a simple V-splint.

Thankfully, the rubber builds friction, which keeps you from slipping while practicing. 

Revtime mats are built for all-weather. 

They’re made with high-density rubber materials that withstand low and high temperatures without wearing off. Moreover, Revtime mats are lighter than traditional sand or regular playground mulch. Hence, easy to transport, arrange and install. It’s painless.

What’s more?

They’re designed to require little maintenance. The mat’s granules have micropores that allow breathing and water permeation, making them suitable for outdoor playgrounds. 

Additionally, the interlocking feature of the Revtime mat increases its efficiency in providing anti-slip ground even under the rain.

The Revtime package comes with plastic pegs for installation. So, use the pegs to fix the corner mats first, and then the interior pieces will fall in place easily. Alternatively, use glue to hold the mats in place; this is for a permanent fix.

Measure the floor to get an estimate of how many boxes you need. One Revtime mat box covers 10.7 sq ft. Use a 1.5-inch cutting blade with a ruler to straighten the crooked edges.


  • High elasticity, giving the Revtime mats a high shock absorbing rate 
  • Comfortable on the feet
  • Magnific tear resistance
  • Anti-slip
  • Reduces noise and vibration 
  • Easy to maintain and clean. 
  • You can replace the damaged tile without affecting the overall appearance.


  • Must buy several boxes to cover a small area
  • You need more robust holding pegs; the plastic pegs break easy

My Verdict  

A few customers were disappointed with the small tiles, which made the installation process tiring.

What To Consider When Choosing a Playground Mat?

1. Type Of Equipment To Use

Some equipment requires heavy and dense flooring mats, while others don’t. Thus, it’s important to note the type of equipment you intend to use before buying a mat.

The gym floor requires a high-resistant playground mat, while a soft, thick mat is enough for meditation. Consider the specific features you require to support the kind of sport you do, and the equipment you’ll be using. 

2. Maintenance

The quality of the material used to make a mat influences its maintenance. For instance, most mats made from rubber have high resistance, meaning they have a long lifespan.  

Also, most rubber mats are waterproof –thereby, easy to clean, compared to a mat that needs to be dried up after a water spill. Therefore, when making a purchase, consider the quality and durability of a mat. In the long run, this may either reduce or increase the cost of maintenance.

3. Safety

The efficiency of a mat to offer comfort greatly depends on the sport you’re engaged in. Note that different mats are produced with a particular sport in mind. 

Therefore, considering the safety measures needed in your sport helps you select the most appropriate mat.

4. Visual Appearance

The color of a playground mat is also something to consider. Mats are produced in different colors, which can be challenging to point out the most appropriate mat for the gym or a yoga room. 

To select a suitable color, you need to examine your training area. Color contributes a lot, especially during meditation sessions. Moreover, color can either make your gym look lively or gloomy. Therefore, choose the color wisely.

5. Budget

Mats come with different price tags depending on quality and functionality. Before making your purchase, consider your budget first. How much money are you able to spend? 

Such a question is helpful when it comes to spending within your means.

6. Site Of Installation 

Is your playground indoor or outdoor? If it’s outdoor, how is the surface? The site of the installation determines the mat you’ll need. 

For the outdoor playground surfaces, consider all-weather and waterproof mats. Such mats are easy to clean and maintain. 

On the other hand, the primary concern is floor damage when it comes to indoor playgrounds. A thick mat protects your floor from the impact and vibration produced by the training equipment.

Final Thought

Safety and durability are key in selecting a good rubber mat for playgrounds. Maintenance is also something to consider; some rubber mats are waterproof For example, the Myoyay mat, making them easy to clean. Additionally, most mats come in various colors, which is something to be keen on.

There you have it, the best 6 rubber mats that exceed your expectations. Whether your playground is indoor or outdoor, the above mats and tiles provide the comfort you need. You only need to choose your mat, make the purchase, and start your training tomorrow morning.

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